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  We’re in mixed marriages ourselves and we’ve listened to many other people in interfaith, intercultural and international relationships. We started the Interfaith Marriage Project because we realized that very little help or information was available for people like us, and couples and families often have to face the issues alone. As more and more people are forming relationships with partners of other faiths and cultures, it’s important for us to support one another.  
  What we do  

We’re not here to tell you whether your relationship is right or wrong, or whether it can ‘work’. But we can help you ask the right questions and sometimes suggest things that have helped other couples. So you’ll find articles and links about everything from weddings and baby naming ceremonies to recipes and festivals, and don’t forget to look at our discussion forum.

We’re a network rather than a formal organization with members and officers, and we’re doing this in our spare time, so please be patient if we can’t respond to immediately.

With some financial help from the Community Development Foundation we’ve produced a resource pack for mixed faith couples that you can download here.

Researchers and journalists sometimes contact us for help. We are happy to provide basic information on mixed marriage, although it is not always possible to put you in touch with couples for features. If you require more detailed information or advice, we may request a donation towards the costs of the network.

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